CERT-AM is the Armenian national CERT.

About Us

CERT AM is a country CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team). It is administered by a representative of the Armenian Internet domain. AM NREN CSIRT is Armenia National Research and Education Network Computer Security Incident Response Team. It is administered by the representative of a major Armenian NREN which is ASNET-AM. CERT AM/AM NREN CSIRT is a national information security center operating under the management of the Internet Society of Armenia. CERT AM/AM NREN CSIRT collects and analyzes computer incident cases (i.e. attempts or facts of violation of local rules and policies or rules globally accepted by Internet community on using computer resources), concerning network resources located in Armenia as well as responses to them with the aim of preventing, stopping and collecting evidences about an incident. CERT AM/AM NREN CSIRT also serves as a contact point for users who needs an assistance in dealing with ISPs and Armenian official bodies which are in charge for investigating computer crime cases. CERT AM/AM NREN CSIRT guarantees the confidentiality of the received information about incidents.


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EMAIL Contact Person Address
cert[@]cert[.]am Armen Baghdasaryan
17 Khachatryan str. 3, Yerevan, Armenia,


Name PGP ID Fingerprint
Armen Baghdasaryan
E971 E69D 2B6C 8E21 804F 9A25 B74F 0973 D51A
3F27 E971 E69D 2B6C 8E21
Artyom Gasparyan
6893 9547 8A00 E187 5F92 265A AE80 4DD6 4872
C557 6893 9547 8A00 E187

RFC 2350

1. Document Information This document contains a description of CERT - AM in accordance with RFC 2350. It provides basic information about CERT - AM, its channels of communication, and its roles and responsibilities.
1.1 Date of Last Update Version 1.0 - 04.10.2018
1.2 Distribution List for Notifications There is no distribution list for notifications.
1.3 Locations where this Document May Be Found The current version of this document can be found at https:// www.cert.am/rfc2350-CERT-AM.pdf